. Camp Bromelsick

Bromelsick Scout Farm

Located at 682 North 1400 Road, if you Google the location Lecompton may come up as the city but Lawrence, KS is the correct city.
160 Acres of Fun! The Camp is directly north of Clinton State Park. We have two gated entrances to the property. The first gate is on top of the hill as you head west on N 1400 Rd. The second gate is close to the bottom of the hill as you head further west.

The area on top of the hill is heavily wooded with a meadow (Laura Kriz Meadow) in the middle and another meadow ( Traul Meadow) on the East side. The Kriz Meadow has a water spigot, pit toilet and 25 x40 (Kriz Shelter). The Kriz Shelter has fire place. This area has an abundance of wood and is a great place for those who want to cook all of their meals over an open fire or get out of the summer sun or cold winter winds. We encourage units to cut up the dead wood for fires. The north end of the Kriz Meadow has a large flag pole for flag ceremonies.

The area accessed by the bottom gate includes the Wertz lake, a large shelter house (Main Shelter), two pit toilets, a storage barn, and water spigots located in four different locations. The Tripp Anderson Trail of Honor entrance is located just inside the lower gate. We have a large flag pole and area where units can hold flag ceremonies.

We have many areas on the property that are great for back packing. This is a Scouting paradise. We can accommodate many troops at one time. We have two shelters and 160 acres so troops can spread out and obtain a sense of seclusion if that is your preference.

We have a West Shelter area north of Wertz lake in Camp Palmquest. That area has a water spigot.
To get to Camp Plamquest you drive through the lower gate and continue on the road until it reaches a turn around at the West Shelter. You will then be in Camp Palmqquest.

In 2020 we built a pond and named the Wiechert pond. To get to it and Camp Riling you need to turn right after going through the lower gate. Then follow the road and you will find Camp Riling and the Wiechert pond. In 2023 we added Shelter four to this location. The area has a water faucet. A pit toilet is located at the top of the hill. This area has great protection in the winter from the wind.
The Bromelsick property was purchased March 1, 1961. The first camporee occured in April of 1961. Those scouts saw two inches of snow. We dedicated the Laura Kriz Meadow on November 5, 2016 under perfect skies and an Bald and Golden Eagle flyover.

Bromelsick Scout Farm