Wish List

We have identified the projects set out below for Camp Bromelsick which require monetary funding to accomplish. If you would like to contribute money to fund all or a portion of a project please consider making a donation. You can indicate on the form what project you chose. Donation Form If you have questions you can email Mike Riling

Restoration of Rock Wall around the Point at the Kaw Council Ring. $16,000

When we built Wertz lake a beautiful rock wall surrounded the point, upon which we built the Kaw Council Ring. More than 40 years of wear and tear has destroyed the rock wall. We would like to see the point restored so that it looks like it did 40 years ago. Boys can fish of the rocks and we can easily maintain the edges. To do so will require removal of the existing rock and installation of new rock. The cost of doing just the point is $18,000. To do a total restoration around the Kaw Council Ring will run $26,000.

Native Habitat Re-establishment program. $5,000

Cubbies of quail once were abundant on our property. The quail are for the most part gone. Quail is an indicative species. When quail are present, they indicate that the habitat is properly balanced. To bring back the quail and other native grassland birds we need to reestablish the old habitat. We need money to cut down and clear out non desirable plants. To plant native grass seed and other native plants that we intend to plant on the property. This goes hand in hand with our campaign to get rid of the SERICEA LESPEDEZA on the property and clear the red cedars and other unwanted vegetation. Over the last 30 years Bromelsick like many other locations in the area have seen its fields over run with non desirable plants. We still have a lot of native grass land but we need to restore these fields back to what they once were. When the quail come back, we will know the restoration has occurred. We need to get rid of SERICEA LESPEDEZA and return the warm season native grasses. Habitat restoration will require a five-year program followed by long term maintenance. Once we cure the habitat problem we would try to purchase and release birds. The area was once perfect for quail. We would like to restore it so that the quail and other wild life can once again be found on the property. We want our youth to be able to see as many native species of wild life as possible on the property.

Fish Fund $500

Our pond has fish but restocking is always beneficial. We could use $500 to establish a fish fund for Wertz Lake to purchase Bass and Channel Cat for the pond. Channel cat do not reproduce in farm ponds so we will need to continually restock. We stocked over 200 catfish on June 21, 2012. We need to manage the fish population and more stocking is needed.

Silo remodel $15,000

In the early 90s we had the old silo torn down to a height of about 7 foot. At the time we thought some day we could convert the space into a small shelter. We would use it for meetings of small groups out of the rain and snow. We have never obtained funds to remodel it. For $15,000 this could be converted into a useful structure on the property.

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